ACA / Under 65 Health Sales

ACA/Under 65 Health Sales:

Selling Health 12 Months a Year!
The steps & training on this page will show you how to go from an ACA novice to a seasoned pro. 
Click on the map or scroll down to see the 6 steps.

ACA/Under 65 Health Sales:

Selling Health 12 Months a Year!
The map below will show you how to go from an ACA novice to a seasoned pro.  Scroll down to see the 6 steps.

Step 1: ACA Sales Overview

ACA Sales Overview

Watch Clay Peek’s live agent training from Atlanta, GA as he presents the ACA sales opportunity.

Click “watch now” below to view the first 2 parts of the training event:

  • Part 1: “Why ACA,” Peek Performance Tools and Sales Opportunities & Testimonial
  • Part 2: Closer Look at 4 Robust ACA Markets & a ‘Million Dollar ACA Agent’
  • Part 3: Deep Dive into a Massive ACA Sales Space – The 3rd video has ACA contracting requirements.  Call our office if you need access.

Track your progress:

ACA Market Updates & Resources:

Step 2:
Get Ready to Sell - Required Steps

Certify, Contract & Enrollment Platform

Complete the following steps to get ready to sell:

  • 2a.  Watch the ACA Prep Class
  • 2b.  Watch ACA Foundations Course
  • 2c.  Complete your CMS Certification (Required)
  • 2d.  Get contracted (Required)
  • 2e.  Set up your Health Sherpa platform (Required)
  • 2f.  Compliance, Enrollment Process deep-dive & Sales/Marketing Tools (Required)

Watch the ACA Prep Class

Note: This class is for agents who are not already selling in the marketplace.  If you are a current health agent, you can skip this training.

Watch the ACA Foundations Course

Click the button below to watch the Level 1 - ACA Foundations class from our ACA University training course.
Note: You will need to register/login to view this training.

Complete your CMS Certification

All agents marketing ACA health plans are required to take the CMS Certification. Most ACA carriers require agents to have this certification completed prior to contracting. Click below for CMS Certification Instructions.

Some states manage a state-based exchange, and require a state specific certification.  Click Here for State Based Marketplace (SBM) Certification Instructions.

Get Contracted

Get contracted with the ACA & Non-ACA Carriers in your state.  You can click the map below to see which carriers are available in your state(s).

After you complete the Contract Request Form, use this ACA Contracting Guide & Agent Support Checklist to ensure you get fully appointed with all carriers before you sell!

Watch the video below to learn how to track your contracts and make sure you get paid!


Set up your own Health Sherpa platform

Health Sherpa is the leading enrollment platform for Marketplace plans and is completely free for agents.

Click here for set up instructions to create your own Health Sherpa platform for enrolling clients in ACA Marketplace plans.

Ensure you have connected your FFM Account to your HealthSherpa account to maintain EDE functionality. Click here for steps and to learn more.

To ensure you get paid on business submitted through Health Sherpa, you MUST note your licensed states & carrier appointments in your Health Sherpa platform.

Need to confirm your state appointments with each carrier?  Click here for broker portal links & ACA Agent Support numbers

Click button below for Health Sherpa FAQs and training on Health Sherpa.

Step 3: ACA Basics & Cash Flow Sales

Complete the following training courses:

ACA Classes:

  • 3a. ACA for Rookies
  • 3b. ACA Blast Off
  • 3c. ACA University*
  • 3d. Massive ACA Changes – 2 Health Markets Crash
  • 3e. Which Plan is Best for my Prospect?

Health Market Affiliated Classes:

  • 3f. Manhattan Assurance
  • 3g. ACA Clone / IHA Health
  • 3i. ERC – Employee Retention Credit (Open Groups!)
  • 3j. InPocket GAP Plan
  • 3k. Income Optimizers
  • 3l. Set up your SEO Website

*Note: Some classes have ACA contracting requirements

ACA for Rookies

Want to sell ACA? Have a lot of questions? Getting turned down, stuffed, stopped? Clay Peek can help!  Watch these 4 videos for frequently asked agent questions and answers!

ACA Blast Off

2022 ACA Blast Off


NOTE: Reference to referral fees was for 2022 OEP.  Because Health Sherpa has significantly increased their “Referral Fees” PPI will not be offering additional payments for referrals placed in our NPN.

ACA University*

ACA University is a 2 part course. Level 1 Foundations is open to all agents.  Level 2 Marketing requires ACA contracting through PPI.  

If you need to speak with our marketers about which carriers are required to access the Level 2 training, call 877-612-7317.

Track your progress:

Level 2 Marketing Topics Include: Building Your Enrollment List; Multiply… Don’t “Add” Clients; Conquering ACA Open Enrollment – Volume 1; Conquering ACA Open Enrollment – Volume 2

Track your progress:

Massive ACA Changes -
2 Health Markets Crash


Which plan is best for my prospect?


Manhattan Assurance

Learn how to make your 2nd/3rd sale with Manhattan Assurance Ancillary Plans: GAP Plans, Accident, Cancer, Critical Illness, Dental/Vision/Hearing, Life & the Lighthouse Series! Agents receive personalized Online Enrollment link.

To request a contract, click here to complete an Agent Contract Request form, and select “Manhattan Assurance” under Ancillary Plans.

For more details, visit the Manhattan Assurance Carrier Page.  Click Start Course below to view Manhattan Assurance & Lighthouse Series training videos.

Track your progress:

IHA Health

IHA Health is an “ACA Compliant” health plan with all 10 “Essential Benefits,” no annual or lifetime limits, and if approved, no Pre-Ex limitations. This program is only available to reasonably healthy business owners, self employed, and 1099 (full time) – not available to those who only earn income as a W-2 employee.

Watch this intro video to learn more:


If you have not completed your IHA contract yet, CLICK HERE to request your contract link.  Once you complete the contract, this training course will be opened up.

Track your progress:

HMA (Health Matching Accounts)

The HMA® (Health Matching Account) is the ultimate
medical savings account available that will bring you
life-changing health and financial benefits. 

The HMA® secures you up to $2 in medical benefits or
more for every $1 that you contribute into your
account on a monthly basis as the program progresses.

Watch our training course below to learn more!  Click here to view the HMA page for marketing tools & resources.

Track your progress:


Learn more about the ERC (Employee Retention Credit) and how to create new clients (small businesses) that you can sell Health, Life, Ancillary and Senior products to by offering the business owner something of SIGNIFICANT VALUE… CASH!

Click here to complete the ERC Agent Agreement.  Once your agreement has been processed, you will have access to the course and resources below. 

Track your progress:

InPocket GAP Plan

Make a bronze plan work like gold!  The InPocket Plan is secondary insurance that fills the holes in primary insurance. 

Most ACA health insurance plans leave you with over $6,000 in out of pocket costs. Bronze plans have a maximum out of pocket of over $9,000!  The InPocket Plan helps you keep more of that money IN your pocket! It is a secondary insurance plan that works alongside your primary plan to fill in the expenses that you are left to pay. 

InPocket Plan Intro


Click below to view additional plan details, agent resources, enrollment process, and additional training videos on these plans.

Income Optimizers

Want to open insurance sales with businesses AND make a monthly recurring income?  This tool brings immediate value to “Retail” businesses AND will earn you the trust and credibility necessary to have the “Insurance Conversation” with them. 


Once you have completed your contract, you will receive access to the additional training videos and resources in the course below. 

Track your progress:

Set up your SEO Website

Peek Performance has a turn-key SEO website option for our agents, with an introductory offer of $49/month.  NO long-term software contracts.  All month-to-month.

Step 4: HIU & Advanced Training

*Note: Some classes have ACA contracting requirements

Health Insurance University*

The HIU (Health Insurance University) courses are open to agents who have all required ACA appointments through Peek Performance.  If you need to speak with our marketers about which carriers are required, call 877-612-7317.

HIU includes 7 courses to help you sell to small businesses/entrepreneurs.  Clay Peek will teach you how to be a Health Insurance Pro! 

Topics Include: How to call prospects – Actual calling scripts & role play; How to make a sales presentation; How to “combo” sell, Advanced Health Marketing & More. Click here for a course overview & to start training.

Track your progress:

Advanced Training Course*

This advanced training course is for fully appointed PPI agents only.  ACA contracting through PPI will be required to access these classes:

  • Talking to Small Business Owners and B2B Selling
  • How to Call Aged Leads
  • Reading Health Policies
  • Tail Pipe Selling – Maximizing Your Client Base
  • Expanding Client Base & Aged Leads Effectiveness

Track your progress:

Step 5: Special Markets Training & ACA Marketing Tools

This section includes the following Advanced Marketing Courses and Resources:

  • ACA Marketing Tools & Lead Resources*
  • Medicaid Unwinding of 2023-24*
  • Family Glitch Training & Marketing Tools*
  • Nonprofit Sales Training*
  • Selling ACA to Low Income Individuals & Families*
  • Maximize your SEO Insurance website & multiply leads!

*Note: Some courses and resources have ACA contracting requirements. Call 864.228.2635 to request access.

ACA Marketing Tools & Lead Resources*

Medicaid Unwinding of 2023-24*

Millions of consumers may soon be eligible for Marketplace coverage, and you should be ready to assist them! Beginning April 1, 2023, states will be able to terminate Medicaid enrollment for individuals who are no longer eligible for coverage and they will be directed to apply for coverage through the Marketplace. 

Watch Part 1 – Introduction video below, and then click “start course” to access additional training and resources.


In this course, Clay Peek answers your questions about the Medicaid Unwinding and explains the coming changes and opportunity.  Click “start course” below to watch these training videos and access links and resources.

  • Medicaid Unwinding – Part 1
  • Medicaid Unwinding – Part 2 (Coming Feb/March 2023)
  • Articles & Links to Resources
  • State Specific Resources

Track your progress:

Family Glitch Training & Marketing Tools*

The Family Glitch has been fixed!  Are you ready to help the 5.1 million eligibles?  Now, the “DEPENDENTS” of employees can get a subsidy if they financially qualify. 

Here are some resources so that you can learn more about these changes in the market:


Start the course below to access Family Glitch Marketing Tools & Training, including Employer & Broker presentations.

Track your progress:

Nonprofit Sales Training*

Watch the “Introduction to Nonprofit Marketing” video below. 


Click “Start Course” to access additional tools & training.  This course includes:

  • Introduction to Nonprofit Marketing 
  • Nonprofit Marketing Tools
  • Clay and his local team discuss outreach to private schools and nonprofits
  • Deep Dive into a Massive ACA Sales Space – From Clay’s live training in Sept 2023

Track your progress:

Selling ACA to Low Income Individuals & Families*

  • Learn how to sell ACA 12 months a year to low income individuals & families.

Track your progress:

Maximize your SEO Insurance website & multiply leads!

This course will explain the process of setting up your SEO (Search Engine Optimized) website, and teach you how to maximize this site to DRAW Health & Medicare LEADS to you! Your brand, your sales links – your LEADS.

Watch the advanced training class on SEO multiplication and learn how you can engage P&C agencies for both THEIR profit and YOURS!

We’ll teach you how to multiply your leads and sales through additional marketing tools and techniques that are even more valuable to you.  We’ll also explain the many benefits of using SEO websites and how to expand your incoming warm referrals.

Track your progress:

Step 6: Using ACA to Create/Collapse Small Employer Groups

CSG: Collapsing Small Groups Training*

Learn how to use ACA to replace Small Group Health Plans!  Save Employers & Employees Money, and get the Employer to pay for 2-4 Additional Insurance Plans!  Watch the introduction video below to learn more.  To engage in this opportunity, request access* to the full Collapsing Small Groups training course below.  This course includes over 12 hours of in-depth training to teach you step-by-step how to succeed in this market.


This course covers the following topics:

  • CSG 101 – Collapsing Groups – Foundations – Clay Peek
  • CSG 201 – Collapsing Small Groups to Individual ACA Plans – Clay Peek
  • CSG 301 – Persistency & Safety! The TCDP System – Terry Garrett
  • CSG 401 – Expert Tips on opening business from a Worksite Pro – Brian Hicks
  • CSG 501 – Tools for Success
  • CSG 601 – Prepare to Sell
  • CSG 701 – Marketing Results & Debrief
  • CSG 801 – Applying Transition Consulting Direct Pay

Transition Consulting: Resources & Additional Training:

  • Advanced Training for TCDP
  • QR Code, Quote Tool and Resources
  • CSG: Case Study
  • CSG: Choke Points for New Agents
  • CSG: Awesome Sales Tools
  • Collapsing Groups Q&A
  • Welcome Video for Employers

Additional Product Training:

  • Manhattan Life Group Set Up, Disability Income & New Select Dental
  • Colonial Life/Worksite Sales Intro

This is “Next Level” selling … and it will add HUNDREDS of clients to your account.  You can do this 12 months a year.

*Note: There are contracting requirements to access this advanced course, including having your ACA, Manhattan Assurance and National General appointments through PPI.  If you are a fully appointed ACA agent with PPI, call our office for access – 864.228.2635.  There is also a $99 fee to access this course.  If you attended and paid for a live agent CSG bootcamp event that PPI previously held, then this fee will be waived.  Call our office for more details.

Track your progress:

Access additional carrier specific tools & resources:

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